SDR for Pentesters by Attify Security

SDR for Pentesters

An in-depth course into unerstanding the world of Software Defined Radio for security professionals

What's included?

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Introduction to SDR for Pentesters
12 mins
Virtual Machine for the class
5 mins
Using Fosphor to look at the spectrum
7 mins
Understanding Gain with Foshpor
6 mins
Fosphor Shortcuts and Controls
2 mins
Understanding DC Offset
8 mins
Using GQRX for SDR
11 mins
Performing Replay based attacks
10 mins
Utilizing FCCID for recon
4 mins
Analyzing radio signals using Inspectrum
15 mins
Building Flow Graphs using GNURadio
30 mins
Using PyBombs to extend GNURadio
8 mins
Creating new GNURadio Modules
24 mins
GNURadio OOT with Python
17 mins
GNURadio OOT with CPP - Part 1
32 mins
GNURadio OOT with CPP - Part 2
13 mins
Conclusion and Wrap-up
4 mins
Ref: Glossary of SDR Terminologies
7 mins

IoT Security and Exploitation

Learn how to break and secure IoT devices with this course. Topics to be covered: 

Firmware Reverse engineering 
Mobile and Web application analysis 
Embedded Device Exploitation
Software Defined Radio
BLE and ZigBee Exploitation