Offensive ARM Exploitation by Attify Security

Offensive ARM Exploitation

What's included?

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Module 1: Getting Started with ARM Internals
Introduction to the training class
7 mins
Understanding ARM and Internals
10 mins
ARM Assembly Fundamentals
14 mins
Setting up our lab environment
10 mins
Compiling ARM binaries
8 mins
Solving ARM Crackme and PWNDBG
9 mins
Introduction to Binary Ninja
11 mins
Downloads for Module 1
Module 2: ARM Reverse Engineering and Exploitation
Reversing ARM Binaries and Understanding Disassembly
27 mins
Reversing Crypto in a Complex ARM Binary
32 mins
Binary Exploitation in ARM
21 mins
Understanding ARM Processes
13 mins
Stack Based Overflow Exploitation in ARM
9 mins
Exploiting Format Strings for InfoLeaks
11 mins
Writing ARM Assembly
28 mins
Writing Advanced ARM Assembly
17 mins
Module 3 : Advanced ARM Exploitation
Advanced Stack Overflow
14 mins
Heap Analysis
11 mins
Heap Based Buffer Overflow Exploitation
12 mins
GOT (Global Offset Table) Overwriting
17 mins
Double Free Attacks - 1
14 mins
Double Free Attack - 2
8 mins
Exploit Mitigation Techniques in ARM and Bypassing Techniques
Introduction to Stack Canaries
7 mins
Defeating Stack Canaries
25 mins
Introduction to XN
17 mins
Exploiting NX with Ret2ZP
12 mins
ROP based Exploitation
19 mins
Introduction to ASLR
8 mins
Bypassing ASLR Protection
23 mins

IoT Security and Exploitation

Learn how to break and secure IoT devices with this course. Topics to be covered: 

Firmware Reverse engineering 
Mobile and Web application analysis 
Embedded Device Exploitation
Software Defined Radio
BLE and ZigBee Exploitation