JTAG Security and Exploitation by Attify Security

JTAG Security and Exploitation

Learn how to debug and exploit JTAG on IoT devices


The JTAG learning and exploitation kit by Attify is designed to help security researchers get started with Hardware exploitation using JTAG.

What all is covered:

  • JTAG background and security overview
  • Identifying JTAG pinouts 
  • Connecting GDB and OpenOCD
  • Writing and Dumping data using JTAG
  • Debugging and Runtime manipulation

Important Note

This course would require you to have the necessary hardware of the JTAG Learning and Exploitation kit available on Attify Store here.

Need Further help?

Feel free to reach out to us at support@attify.com for any further information.

What's included?

Video Icon 12 videos File Icon 5 files Text Icon 1 text file


Welcome to the JTAG Exploitation course
Introduction to the JTAG Learning kit
4 mins
JTAG Exploitation lab manual
2.8 MB
Setting up the environment
Installing required packages
2 mins
Identifying JTAG pinouts
Connections for identifying JTAG pinouts
2 mins
Identifying pinouts using JTAGulator
9 mins
Getting started with JTAG
Connections for JTAG
2 mins
Using Attify Badge Tool to perform JTAG debugging
2 mins
Connecting and Flashing vulnerable binary
3 mins
91 Bytes
57.7 KB
3.17 KB
574 KB
Working with Target device data
Reading data from the target device
1 min
Dumping entire data from the target device
3 mins
Runtime Manipulation
Connections for the Final Exercise
2 mins
Manipulating target runtime over JTAG
7 mins
Conclusion video
1 min

IoT Security and Exploitation

Learn how to break and secure IoT devices with this course. Topics to be covered: 

Firmware Reverse engineering 
Mobile and Web application analysis 
Embedded Device Exploitation
Software Defined Radio
BLE and ZigBee Exploitation