IoT Exploitation Kit - Demo Videos

Getting started
Intro to the kit
14 mins
Download Links to VM and Exercises
Hacking a Smart plug
Hacking a Smart Plug - ORVIBO S20C
Orvibo Smart Plug Hacking
11 mins
(<2019 kits) Mobile app and Firmware analysis
2 mins
(<2019 kits) Cracking password of the smart plug
3 mins
(<2019 kits) Controlling Smart Plug
3 mins
Hacking an IP Camera
Exploiting IP Camera via UART
2 mins
SPI Exploitation
SPI Target Equipment
Reading and Writing to SPI Flash chips
2 mins
(<2019 Kits) Dumping Firmware using on WRTNode
8 mins
JTAG Exploitation
Installing required packages
2 mins
Identifying JTAG pins with Arduino
2 mins
Identifying pins with JTAGulator
9 mins
Connections for JTAG
2 mins
Using Attify Badge Tool to perform JTAG debugging
2 mins
Connecting and Flashing vulnerable binary
3 mins
57.7 KB
3.17 KB
574 KB
91 Bytes
Reading Data from Target device
1 min
Dumping entire data from the target device
3 mins
Connections for the Final Exercise
2 mins
Manipulating target runtime over JTAG
7 mins
Software Defined Radio
Sending Data with 433 MHz and Arduino
2 mins
Identifying target frequency
1 min
Decoding 433 MHz data
3 mins
BLE Exploitation for IoT Devices
Getting started with ESP32 for BLE research
10 mins
Exploring BLE using ESP32
18 mins
Analyzing Beacon using BLE dongle
6 mins
Taking over Smart Bulb
4 mins
Taking over Smart Lock
4 mins
Analyzing BLE Smart Lock (OKLOK)
5 mins
Reverse Engineering and Frida analysis on OkLok
5 mins
Sniffing Zigbee traffic with Xbee
Sniffing Zigbee traffic with Xbee
4 mins