BLE Exploitation for IoT Learning kit by Attify Security

BLE Exploitation for IoT Learning kit

Learn how to exploit Bluetooth Low Energy based IoT Devices - Beacon, Smart Lock and Smart Light Bulb


In this learning kit, we will look at how to exploit and assess the Bluetooth Low Energy devices around us. We will be getting started with the basics, then slowly moving to devices such as Beacons and finally taking over real-world IoT devices such as a Smart Lock and a BLE based Light Bulb.

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What's included?

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Getting Started with BLE Security
7 mins
Recon and Interacting with BLE devices around us
9 mins
Extracting information from the device
9 mins
Sniffing traffic using Adafruit Sniffer
4 mins
Sniffing using Ubertooth Sniffer
7 mins
Exploiting a BLE Smart Lock
11 mins
BLE kit manual.pdf
5.89 MB

IoT Security and Exploitation

Learn how to break and secure IoT devices with this course. Topics to be covered: 

Firmware Reverse engineering 
Mobile and Web application analysis 
Embedded Device Exploitation
Software Defined Radio
BLE and ZigBee Exploitation