IoT Security and Exploitation

Learn how to break and secure IoT devices with this course. Topics to be covered: 

Firmware Reverse engineering 
Mobile and Web application analysis 
Embedded Device Exploitation
Software Defined Radio
BLE and ZigBee Exploitation

IoT Security for Pentesters

An in-depth training series on performing IoT Exploitation and learning the tips and tactics to perform security assessment of IoT devices.
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IoT Exploitation Kit - Demo Videos

IoT Exploitation Kit - Demo Videos
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Offensive ARM Exploitation

Learn ARM Exploitation
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BLE Exploitation for IoT Learning kit

In this learning kit, we will look at how to exploit and assess the Bluetooth Low Energy devices around us. We will be getting started with the basics, then slowly moving to devices such as Beacons and finally taking over real-world IoT devices such as a Smart Lock and a BLE based Light Bulb. For any queries or questions, please reach out to us at support [at] attify [dot] com or using the contact form here - . 
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JTAG Security and Exploitation

The JTAG learning and exploitation kit by Attify is designed to help security researchers get started with Hardware exploitation using JTAG. What all is covered: JTAG background and security overview Identifying JTAG pinouts  Connecting GDB and OpenOCD Writing and Dumping data using JTAG Debugging and Runtime manipulation Important Note This course would require you to have the necessary hardware of the JTAG Learning and Exploitation kit available on Attify Store here . Need Further help? Feel free to reach out to us at for any further information.
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ZAP with Simon Bennetts

ZAP with Simon Bennetts
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Advanced Android and iOS Hands-on Exploitation

Advanced Android and iOS Hands-on Exploitation is a unique training which covers penetration testing of mobile applications for Android and iOS. This is a two day action packed class, full of hands-on challenges and CTF labs, for both Android and iOS environment. Some of the topics that will be covered are Advanced Auditing of iOS and Android Applications Reverse Engineering, Bypassing Obfuscations Debugging Android and iOS applications  Runtime manipulation based attacks Automating security analysis, Exploiting and patching apps ARM Exploitation API Hooking and a lot more. The 2-day class is designed in a CTF approach where each of the module is followed by a complete hands-on lab, giving the attendees a chance to apply the knowledge and skills learnt during the class in real life scenario.
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7 Deadly Mobile Application Security Sins

7 Deadly Mobile Application Security Sins
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SDR for Pentesters

In this training course, Bastian Bloessl uncovers the underlying foundations of Software Defined Radio, how you can get started with analyzing radio signals, radio reversing, replay based attacks and more. The course comes with practical exercises to be performed by the student, a course VM (Instant GNURadio) and Slack channel access for discussions. You also have the option to get the SDR kit which includes HackRF One, ANT500 antenna, vulnerable wireless doorbell and a car key fob for the exercise. If you have never got a chance to learn about Software Defined Radio or have been reluctant to learn because of lack of DSP foundations, this is a must-have course which walks you all the way from the basics to the real-world practice of performing SDR.
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